True meaning behind Antique Welsh Love Spoons

Antique Welsh Love Spoons The making of the Welsh love spoon goes back until at least the 17th century, in St Fagans museum they have one dated 1667 Antique Welsh love spoons carved from one piece of wood, were actually made to convey a message, a prelude to courtship. Questions asked in wood and if you were lucky you may have a row of spoons hanging up, eventually becoming heirlooms. Looking at image one, it has a double spoon bowl which is unusual and signifies ‘we two are one’ note the shape formed inside the two spoon bowls is a heart stating “my heart is yours’. There is a circular chip carved surround, inside is a pierced f

Antique Snuff Boxes and Social Etiquette

Antique Snuff boxes are so diverse and made from a wide variety of materials, but why were they needed and how were they used? Believed to originate from America, snuff was shipped in air-tight casks, to keep the powdered tobacco fresh in transit, some was even shipped in glass long neck bottles and the snuff was extracted using a long handled spoons made from lignum vitae. Once at the tobacconists the snuff would then have been stored in large canisters made of lead with tight fitting lid. This was necessary to keep the snuff fresh and preserve its perfumes or flavourings. Smaller versions of these canisters were used to store the snuff in at home. To transfer snuff to the snuff box or the

Antique Treen Stay Busks - what are they?

Corsets were called stays prior to 1830 and antique treen stay busks were flat pieces of wood,( could also be made from horn, ivory, metal, baleen or other materials), which were inserted into long pockets at the front of the stay/corset. Many were undecorated and were purely functional to flatten the stomach of the person wearing it. They must have been fairly uncomfortable - difficult to bend down! Some antique treen stay busks were carved and were given as a love token in England, similar to the Welsh Lovespoon in Wales. The decorated ones were inserted into small pockets at the top and the bottom of the front of the bodice. That were decorated with geometric patterns, chip carved decora

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We first became involved in Antique Treen and furniture some twenty five years ago and since then a passion for Treen, small wooden snuff boxes and decorative wooden items has developed into Opus Antiques.

This web site shows only a  small selection of our current stock for sale, if you are looking for something you don't see, please contact us.


We are also interested in buying Antique Treen items. As well as using our Contact page, you can also email or telephone us on 07941 285532


The word Treen is derived from the word tree and is a term used to describe wooden household objects, all turned from one piece of wood e.g. a bowl, plate, gingerbread mould, and spoons, always having a function.

Nowadays when we talk about Antique Treen it tends to cover all small wooden items including antique snuff boxes, candle stands, spice towers, etc. often made from several pieces of turned wood.


When a piece of wood has been painstakingly turned or carved, handled, polished and loved over a few hundred years old, it can develop a wonderful colour and patina and becomes an irresistible piece of Antique Treen.

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