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True meaning behind Antique Welsh Love Spoons

Antique Welsh Love Spoons

The making of the Welsh love spoon goes back until at least the 17th century, in St Fagans museum they have one dated 1667

Antique Welsh love spoons carved from one piece of wood, were actually made to convey a message, a prelude to courtship. Questions asked in wood and if you were lucky you may have a row of spoons hanging up, eventually becoming heirlooms.

Looking at image one, it has a double spoon bowl which is unusual and signifies ‘we two are one’ note the shape formed inside the two spoon bowls is a heart stating “my heart is yours’. There is a circular chip carved surround, inside is a pierced flower this is an expression of great affection. There is also a chip carved circle with a soul symbol again expressing deep affection with a circle alongside maybe for everlasting love.

Note the date 1799 also carved. Whoever this spoon was intended for it represented a deep affection and love in the symbols carved.

Some other images of antique Welsh love spoons are included all from current or past stock with a variety of symbols or conveying a love message from a sailor or tongue tied suitor

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