Three Antique Treen Knitting Sheaths

three antique treen knitting sheaths for sale opus antiques uk

Three antique treen knitting sheaths all with different special features.

The top one is a glorious antique treen goose wing knitting sheath made from yew wood. This lifts this knitting sheath into a different category, the yew wood has a great patina. typical

of this wood. There is some X decoration to the handle.

It measures 30.5 cm l Dates from around 1820/30.

The middle knitting sheath is also a goose wing knitting sheath type but very different with its long slender outline. Made from fruit wood, again with a fabulous patina and colour. It has an enlarged hole to the top of the turned handle. Carved on the stick is the initials B R 1787 and unusually the name of the village 'Burton'. Probably referring to Burton in Kendal as this slim goosing is a distinctive shape from Cumbria. It measures 28 cm l.

The third antique treen knitting sheath, rectangular in section with a straight shaft, having a diagonal slot for the cow-band. Decorated with X incised decoration and unusually a very early date , of 1726 to the end of the sheath, just at the start of George II reign. It measures 17 cm l

These three antique treen knitting sheaths all have the same function but all quite different in appearance.

Available to buy, all enquiries to, tel no 07941285532

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