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Antique Welsh Niddy Noddy

What a find a small Welsh dated Niddy Noddy. I've seen Niddy Noddies before but not as small as this. It only measures 20cm l x 17cm w at the widest points.

It's a Welsh one with the carved inscription ' Rwyn dy grui di am - bylh Llanailo A 1831 D'.

Translated means 'Give me your love forever', so obviously made as a love token.

It has bone diamonds with the initials AW and HT.

Antique treen Welsh Niddy Noddy

Niddy noddies were used to wind yarn to make skeins of wool. They consisted of a central bar with cross bars at each end off set from each other by 90 degrees.

To use it the central bar is held in one hand and the yarn is wound up and over the top right hand cross arm and down and under the bottom left hand bar and then up and over the top left hand bar and down and under the bottom right hand bar and that constitutes one round, carry on winding until you have run out of wool or have the correct amount.

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