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A Small Antique Treen Spice Tower & Nutmeg Grater

I thought this piece was worth taking a closer look at has many unusual attributes.

A rare small antique treen spice tower and nutmeg grater.

Firstly the spice tower has lovely original and rarely found red labels, Nutmeg and Ginger. Then there is the circular painted line decoration on the lid with a transfer of Brighton Pavilion on the inside of the lines. This piece would have been made and bought in the Tunbridge Wells region. On the inside, on the underside of the lid is a nutmeg grater which unscrews for use, an extremely uncommon feature to see on a spice tower. Nutmeg graters would have been real status symbols as nutmeg itself was very expensive.

Finally the size of this spice tower which only measures 11cm h x 7.5cm w.

There are a couple of small shrinkage marks on the nutmeg section, all threads work well to each section. Overall this is a great piece of treen.


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