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Antique Treen Snuff Flask- dated 1819

Here we have a beautifully carved antique treen snuff flask, similar ones are usually made from coquilla nut.

The flask has been carved with a bugbear face which has a stopper for a mouth. Framing the face is the date 1819 and between the eyes is the initial F. The entire body of the flask is decorated with foliage and geometric patterns. The two copper protruding eyelets were for hanging the flask onto a chain.

It measures 7.3cm l x 3.5cm w and is in very good condition.

The bugbear is a Medieval English bear, depicted as lurking in the woods in order to scare children. They usually are figured on coquilla snuff boxes or coconuts carved by sailors. The word itself is derived from either the Middle English 'bugge', denoting a frightening thing, or the Old Welsh 'bwg' for an evil spirit or goblin. Nevertheless, time has done him favours, and the face seems more friendly and comical to a modern eye.


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