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It's Mans Work as Well!

I have written about antique treen knitting sheaths before. The importance of the knitting industry and the wide array of knitting sheaths that can be found, many given as love tokens made by a husband , father, grandfather for their wife, daughter and granddaughter.

Recently though I came across a particularly large knitting sheath with a diagonal step across the broader part of the sheath - characteristics of sheaths from Dent. What's so interesting about this sheath is that it was made for use by a man, normally we think that it was women who knitted in the 19th century. Knitting was such an important part of the household income in this area that some of the men also knitted whilst on the way to the mines. Made purely as a functional piece and not as a love token. It has an absolute charm of its own you can feel and see where its been used and I only wish it could talk......! This lovely oak knitting sheath is an important part of our social history and is a very unusual find.

The first image is show the size comparison between the large one made for a man and the others. The other images so close ups of the lovely oak knitting sheath.

All these knitting sheaths are available to buy on the web site.

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