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Antique Dissected Puzzle of Asia

Dissected puzzles better known as jigsaws these days, (only called this after the jigsaw tool had been invented in the 19th century),, but when they were first introduced into the UK around the 1760's these puzzles were cut and often coloured by hand from wood like mahogany, a timely and difficult process. Hence the royals, the rich and elite boarding schools were the only ones which could really afford these puzzles. In the main they were used as an educational tool. Later puzzles were backed on to card and became more intricately shaped with pieces that interlocked when the jigsaw tool was introduced. They also became cheaper and more affordable to the mass market in the late 19th and early 20th century

Antique treen dissected puzzle for sale

The one illustrated is a hand coloured puzzle of Asia as it was known in the 1790's, no Australia on it. The puzzle is dated 1792 and amazingly all the pieces are there. It is by Darton Harvey a well known games manufacturer at the time. A real gem!

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