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An Example of Ornamental Turning by Lady Gertrude

Antique treen tape or ribbon dispenser for sale Opus Antiques UK

I recently came across an interesting and unusual piece of antique treen a ribbon or tape dispenser, beautifully turned from lignum vitae. and dated c1900.

With it was some provenance the piece had actually been turned by Lady Gertrude who lived in the Knightsbridge area of London in the early 1900's. Running in the family her father and grandfather had been ornamental turners previously and she carried on the hobby.

Lady Gertrude was awarded prizes for her work by the 'Worshipful Company of Turners' and went on to host exhibitions of Ornamental Turning & Enamels on Metal by invitation only. One of the original invitations still remains with this piece.

More details are available in my latest stock section.

Lady Gertrude was a busy lady being a member of the Women's Royal Navy Service and The Women's Army Auxillary Corps and worked in the air stations of The Royal Flying Corps and The Royal Naval Air Service. In 1918 she became 1st chief commander of The Women's Royal Air Force. She lived to 69 years.

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