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Antique Treen Apple Scoops and Corers

Apple scoops or corers date back to the Roman times where simple bone ones ( made from sheep shanks) have been found in numerous quantities whilst excavating, where they have been thrown away. It was suppose to be unlucky for anyone but the owner to use their own apple corer.

The simple ones were made by peasants but at the other end of the scale beautiful silver and ivory ones were also made.

Antique treen ones vary from simple scoops to elaborately carved ones sometimes with hearts, intended as a love token.

The main purpose of an apple scoop was to enable someone who had lost their teeth to continue to be able to eat a raw apple, the longer ones also acted as apple corers as well.

A few of the 18th century antique treen apple scoops or corers were dated and I have included some images of three with dates in this article.

The first is a carved in the shape of a man with carved collar and arms holding a book with the date 1767.

The second image is a small one with chip carved decoration to all four sides. Note the carved flower to the top and the initials

The third is dated 1702 made from fruitwood with lovely geometric carving.

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