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Cheers! - Antique Treen Goblets

Goblet comes from a middle English word Gobelet and means cup.

Goblets are bowls on a stem with a foot and were to be used by an individual to drink out of, differing from the ceremonial loving cups which were meant to be passed around and the chalice which although similar to a goblet has religious connotations and usually has a larger base than the goblets.

Antique treen goblets were used widely, during the 17th century there was a strong belief that precious metals promoted better health and demands for silver goblets increased at the expense of wooden ones. Treen goblets were still used extensively among the working class and were made in a variety of woods from pear and sycamore to cherry, beech, lignum and yew. Initially made by hand with a pen knife and chisel before being turned on a lathe.

It is difficult to date antique treen goblets precisely from their design because the turners copied designs from glass and pewter but could well have copied a design 200 years later than when it first appeared. The way the goblet has been used the wear etc are all helpful in arriving at a date.

Antique wooden goblets were often used as mementoes from the wood of historic trees, buildings and ships.

A few antique treen goblets images are included from our recent/current stock.

Two walnut treen goblets from the Levi collection, similar with slight differences to the knop. Late 18th century.

A large mulberry wood goblet from the early 18th century with repairs to the bowl and foot. From the Evan Thomas collection. This one is an example of a memento with a large label to the underside which is indecipherable in places but you can make out it was from a mulberry tree.

An early 19th century fruitwood goblet.

Antique Treen Goblet - mulberry wood

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