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How Did The Cricket Table/stool Get Its Name?

I have just purchased a lovely small three legged table/stool described as a cricket table and decided to find out how the table got its name, there are several different versions.

The term Cracket was used originally to describe a three legged stool to sit on or to put your feet on. Did the term Cricket table arise from this?

I have also read that three legged tables were used to serve refreshments on during cricket matches the table was given three legs for stability outside, hence the name Cricket table.

Recently talking to someone another version has arisen these three legged tables were used by shepherds who use to saw the top off these tables/stools and then used the three legs as stumps, making a ball out of mud and matted sheeps wool they would then throw the ball at the legs of the stool which were the stumps using a stick or a shepherds hook as the bat hence the name cricket table.

Not sure which is the correct version but it's interesting to conjour up a vision of someone sawing off the top of what are now very collectable pieces of furniture!!!!!


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