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Three Antique Go to Beds

Here are three different Go to Beds to show the diversity. These boxes were used for storing friction matches. Each of these has a small hole

or boss to the lid where a match would be inserted once lit. This would give you enough light to go to bed hence the name. They were also used as desk items for lighting sticks of wax for sealing letters. The base of these boxes were usually either lined with striking paper or had concentric circles to create some friction to light the match.

The central one is a lovely example turned from lignum vitae it has a turned bone boss to the lid and the base has concentric circles for striking the match. It is a good size, bigger than most examples measuring 8 cm h x 6.5 cm w. c1820/30.

The one too on the left hand side is a Tunbridge Ware example with an octagonal base and concentric circles to the underneath. Decorated with geometric patterns to the lid and the main body. It measures 6 cm h x 3.6 cm w. C1880.

The example on the left hand side is again a curriculum vitae example this one is the smallest of the three measuring 5.7 cm h x 2 cm w. It has striking paper to the base.


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