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Take a closer look two antique horse snuff boxes

These two antique treen snuff boxes are both carved as a horse's head. Similar but also very different.

Images 1-7 are of the slightly bigger antique snuff box,. This one has more of a country snuff box with bone teeth and eye decoration. Carved mane and subtle brass nail decoration. It has a flat bottom sliding lid, inscribed with the owners initials P I and the date 1809. Made to sit on a surface.

Images 8-11 are of a very well carved mahogany snuff box with subtle carvings to shape the long face, nose and ears, a rounded base and hinged lid, very tactile and very good quality. It was made to be held in the hand and carried around in the pocket. Dating from around the mid 1800's.

Both the snuff boxes are the same subject matter but they have a totally different feel to them. Both little gems....

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