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A piece of antique treen from the HMS Royal George .....

I recently purchased two items separately both having been made of the wood from the HMS Royal George ship.

The Royal George was built in 1756 for the Royal Navy and was the largest war ship in the world when it was launched, It took part in the seven year war as well as others

Antique treen faux book for sale, Opus antiques uk

, however it sunk whilst undergoing maintenance work at Spithead off Portsmouth in 1782. Very sadly at least 800 people lost their lives that day. There were many workmen working on repairing the ship, many families were on board and also many traders selling goods.

The wreck was eventually blown up after salvaging most of her cannons and timber. The timber was made into various forms of memorial

Image one is of a faux book, made from a solid piece of oak, with the spine reading 'part of the wreck of the Royal George sunk at Spithead Aug 29th 1782 recovered by Col Pasley.'. It has a Shepherds collection label to it

Image 2 is of a snuff box inscribed 'this box is made from the wreck of the Royal George sunk at Spithead 29th August 1782.

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