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Here are two really good examples of travelling scales, one for weighing diamonds the other for coins. Both needed to be accurate and small for travelling.

Diamond Scales

This is a very nice example housed in a mahogany box by W & T Avery, Birmingham.

It has the hanging beam with the two hemispherical brass pans. There is a lidded mahogany compartment which houses the complete set of eight carat weights. The larger brass weights are circular, and the smaller ones are square tapering weights. Lovely to have a full set of weights.

On the inside of the lid is the original label inscribed ‘ A table by which may be calculated the value of any weight of diamonds’. Made and sold by W & T Avery scale makers Birmingham.

There is a slot on the outside of the box where the original brass tweezers are housed.

W & T Avery were British Scales manufacturers in Birmingham. The company was founded in the early 18th century and took the name W & T Avery in 1818 (William and Thomas Avery). Products that they sold were diverse included hanging scales, bullion scales, floor Scales, weighing scales, jockey scales to also machines, automatic packing machines and even petrol pumps. In 1979 the company was taken over by GEC.

For more information on these visit the web site

Coin Scales

These coins scales were for the verification of coins and were for weighing sovereigns, half sovereigns, guineas, half guineas and the seven-shilling piece.

This set of brass folding scales are housed in a mahogany box. On the inside are the original labels with the directions on how to use the scales.

They were deliberately made small so they could be carried around in the pocket.

For more information on both these sets of scales visit the web site

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