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Antique Treen with Invaluable Dates

To find a date on a piece of treen is so interesting in helping to identify the age of the majority of antique treen items which don't have a date. Similar types of carving, inlay and general shape of objects tended to be used during particular periods of time before fashions changed and other decorations were introduced e.g. ebony stringing was very popular around the Regency period, mother of pearl inlay was popular in the Victorian era.

There are certain groups such as antique knitting sheaths and antique snuff boxes in the form of shoes where the date is sometimes found, but it is unusual to find it on many other items although there is always exceptions.

Here are some antique treen and boxes which do have a date on;

Image 1 is a Welsh wall pocket dated 1791 the style and type of decoration is similar to some Welsh Lovespoons and knitting sheaths.

An antique sailors rubber with rope effect and Turks knot, this is stamped 1803, image 2 and 3..

Image 4 is a Welsh Lovespoon with the carved date 1800 on the handle of the spoon.

Another spoon carved from cherry wood has the date carved on the handle 1793, image 5 and 6.

An antique knitting sheath in the form of a soldier, 1804, image 7 and 8.

Image 9 is a dated stay busk. 1771.

Image 10 is an unusual chip carved shoe horn with date 1797.

A rare antique snuff box in the form of a violin dated 1783 image11 and 12.

Large image 13 and 14 a dated cribbage board 1858 with unusual pique work goblets, jug, hearts, clubs, diamonds ,spades.

All the images used in this article are either part of Opus Antiques current or past stock.

Antique cribbage board, for sale, Opus Antiques

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