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Pressed Wood Antique Snuff Boxes

Pressed wood antique snuff boxes are a fascinating group of snuff boxes to collect, Made in the early part of the 19th century, these french circular boxes are made from burr maple or birch.. The snuff boxes were made by turning a piece of wood to a block, then the decorative lids and bases were made by subjecting the wood to steam to soften them and then whilst the wood was slightly soft metal dies were pressed down on to the lids and bases impressing the wood with ornamental pictures. The blocks would then be cut in half to form lids and bases and hollowed out lined with tortoiseshell

- a snuff box was formed!

There are over a 100 different scenes in this group of circular boxes to collect usually depicting Napoleonic scenes, but other subjects were made, skulls, famous people, Frederick the Great of Prussia, Henry IV etc.

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