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Ten of my favourite pieces of Antique Treen from the past!

Looking back through my archives of hundreds of images of past stock I thought I would share with you a small collection of a few of my personal favourite antique treen items during 2017.- Lots more to follow as I have many!!

Image 1 - what a cracker a fabulous boxwood English novelty nutcracker which was dated 1756 and initialled. With moving parts!

A fabulous 17th century Irish drinking vessel a lam hog made from willow

A 18th century Lignum vitae coffee mill

A yew wood snuff book box

A rare invalids spoon.- early 19th century

An antique very well carved pipe tamper of a dog and a hare

A rare invalids spoon.

A fabulous Victorian alphabet and spelling set with grammar tiles.

An unusual early 19th century nutmeg grater in the form of a saucepan.

A late 18th century octagonal oak candle box.

An unusual graduated spice tower with each section having reeded decoration

These are just a few of my favourite antique treen items from the archives more to follow during 2017!!!

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