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Antique Wooden Bottle Cases

Antique Treen Brass Bound Flask

Antique wooden bottle cases and other wooden cases come in various sizes and were made to protect glass bottles, tumblers, pots, apothecary flasks and syringes whilst travelling. They did a good job and quite a few survived with the glass bottle intact. These treen cases were turned by specialists with some actually being stamped with the makers name on. They were made throughout the Victorian period and early into the 20th century.

The vast majority are made from boxwood but some were made from other woods such as lignum vitae and ebony.and these are well worth looking out for.

Image 1 & 2 An unusual ash wood double threaded medicine flask and beaker with unusually brass bound

Image 3 & 4 Victorian bottle case with glass bottle interior

mage 5 A lovely lignum vitae bottle case.

Image 6 Bottle case with stamped maker's name Maw Son & Thompson, London, operated between 1870-1905.


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