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Foot, Sitting, Childs, occasional, candle,dresser all types of antique stools

Antique stools were made in all shapes and sizes from high stools used in factory and offices in cottages for sitting or for occassional use, to the lower stools used by blacksmiths, milking stools or for menial work. You can also find the small stools used as foot stools or the tiny stools known as dresser stools.

Small stools are a great thing to collect as there is some much variation in the shape, size and wood used, they look good clustered together but also with a pot plant, candle or an ornament placed on top.

Image one shows antique dresser stools usually attributed to the Worksop area, with concave shaped edges and corners made by chairmakers in that area for use in their home and hence were not generally saleable items. These were placed on dressers or side boards for displaying pottery on. They measure approx 12cm by 8.5cm with a height of 9.5cm.

Image 2 is a fruitwood candle stool, these were used for placing candlesticks on, notice the legs are mortised through the top.

Image 3 is an elm stool with makers initials M G stamped on the base, probably used as a foot stool or for a small child, it measures 22.5cm x 16.5cm. Height 17.5cm

Image 4 is a lovely circular topped mini stool with turned legs, this time legs don't protrude through to the top


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