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Antique Brighton Buns

By Brighton Buns I don't mean the edible type but rather clever folding candlesticks used by explorers from the Canadian Frontier in the 18th century, by the military British senior army officers, and people travelling. They consist of two drip -pan bases with candle cups which screw in to the base to provide two chambersticks. When not in use the candle cups and sometimes also candle snuffers are unscrewed and stored in the bases which in turn screw together to get the Brighton Bun!!

These Brighton Buns have been made from all sorts of materials ranging from brass, copper, bronze and even silver, Queen Charlotte, the consort of George 111 owned a silver one dated 1808, crocodile leather and yes good old wood was also used, although fairly infrequently. Wood ones mainly tended to be made from olive wood but ocassionally you maybe lucky to find an antique treen Brighton Bun made from walnut, elm ebony or yew. The antique treen Brighton Bun below is turned from a fruit wood I think, note it has retained its two candle snuffers, which have an ebonty finial on them.

A Hepplewhite and Co. described Brighton Buns as uniting elegance with utility- praise indeed.


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