Spoons Glorious Spoons!

 Antique treen spoons come in all shapes and sizes and make a great field to collect.


Here are images of our current stock items which are either on the web site or are coming soon to the web site.


The first image below is of a carved Welsh Lovespoon, dated 1797, with chip carved decoration, initials and a flower which signifies courtship, love will grow. Note the hanging hook at the top made for it.


The second image is a double bowl Welsh Lovespoon. Note how the spoon bowls are joined together, usually signifying a wedding. There is a cut out heart, pillars, chip carving, date 1821 and a further cut out heart.


The third image is of a rare broad handled Welsh Lovespoon, dated 1789 with cut out bells, - bells signify live in harmony, but can also represent an anniversary or a christening, commas or  souls which signifies deep affection, scratch carved church, horses  and initials.


The fourth image is a Welsh Lovespoon with open lantern with a ball - the number of balls is suppose to signify the number of children wanted, there is a glazed window compartment to put a picture or a note and hanging hook.


The fifth image is a treen Welsh Lovespoon with cut out key, meaning a key to the heart and that his home is hers and open lantern with ball and dated 1809.


The sixth image is a rare Welsh butter Lovespoon, note the chip carved decoration and the serrated edge. 


The seventh image is an 18 th century Welsh chip carved spoon with rat tail decoration to the back.


The eighth image is a Welsh Lovespoon with open lantern with balls, carved diamond - signifies the hope of good fortune and cut out key. - a key to the heart and that his home is hers.


The spoon second on the left in the bottom hand corner is made from cherry wood and is dated to the handle, lovely to be carved from cherry wood.


Please Email if you would like a further information on any of the spoons.





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