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Who doesn't love an antique box? They come in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of functions from sewing, to writing, jewellery to snuff, pills and games etc.

The antique box in the image is a charming oak money box with its original strap hinges. But what makes this a very interesting antique money box is the lid. Not only is it dated with both the day, month and year, November 3rd, 1814 which is unusual, but it has four slots for the money. On both sides of the box the top slot has an S above it and the bottom slot has a C below it. Presumably the S refers to silver coins and the C refers to copper coins. Note how the slot for the copper coins is longer and wider. Copper coins were bigger than the silver coins because when coins were produced at that time, the face value of the coin should have corresponded to the value of the material it was made from, approx one ounce of copper per penny.

In the centre of the box are the initials W x D and G x D. Presumably there was a container or a divider inside which separated their savings, you can just make out a slightly lighter coloured mark in the inside of the box in the centre, but there is no sign of any permanent fixture.

The box measures 21cm w x 11.5cm h x 11.5cm d.

It would be great to know what these two people were saving up for......

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