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Take a Closer Look !

Here is an 19thCentury Tunbridge Ware box from the early 1810/20’s with so many positive attributes.

Firstly the wonderful parquetry top, look at the juxta positioning of the different woods giving depth, a 3D effect to the lid. The variety of woods used is an education in itself from walnut to yew wood, fruit wood to lacewood and many more, crossbanded in tulipwood.

Open the lid to the sewing compartment still retaining its original pink lining paper. Look at the small Tunbridge ware pots with paper labels to their lids with the words silver and gold. These were for storing the precious gold and silver threads in. There is also a multiple reel holder and ribbon reel.

Taking the locking pin out, enables the side drawer with its silver handle to be opened and in this drawer is a writing slope and one of the original silver topped ink bottles.

This box is a gem!

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