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Antique Scottish Drinking Vessels - Cheers!

Antique Treen  Scottish Treen

The Scottish people used a numberr of different antique drinking vessels each having distinct features in their own right. These were particularly used for ceremonial occasions.

Firstly there was the Bicker - this was a straight sided bucket shaped drinking vessel, made by using staves of alternate sycamore and alder wood feathered together and bound with willow to ensure they were water tight.. They varied from small to large sizes, although strictly speaking large bickers are called Cogs.

There was a Piggin similar to a Bicker but having one or two of the staves slightly extended so that they could be used as handles. Sometimes the extended staves had cut outs at the end e.g. hearts - possibly for a wedding.

A Luggie was similar to a Piggin but had one long stave so that it could also be used as a ladle. Sometimes these have a double base and a dry pea was put between the double base. This ensured that it could be rattled to get the landlords attention, when a top up was required!

Finally there are the Quaiches these are shallow curved bowls usually with two handles known as lugs but they can have four lugs. These tended to be for drinking of spirits and the larger ones were for sharing for ceremonial occasions. Sometimes the base has a coin embedded in it or the rim will have a silver band engraved with a christening or wedding.

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