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Take a closer look at antique treen

It's worth taking a closer look at some pieces of antique treen as there is often small characteristics which make these antique treen items just that little bit more interesting. I have picked out a few items from my current stock to discuss, each one has something about it that makes it special.

Firstly image one is of two antique treen spoons look closely at them though there's more to them than first meets the eye, the left hand one is a lovely antique treen fruitwood spoon, probably from Wales, note how the spoon bowl is lying at nearly a right angle to the spoon bowl handle very uncommon, some referances describe it as an invalids spoon, I think its a great design! The colour and patina are fabulous on this piece of antique treen, a real collectors item.

The second spoon looks like like a humble spoon but look at the spoon bowl closely it was made specifically for a left handed person. The spoon bowl slightly buldges on the left hand side again uncommon, very few spoons were made specifically for left handed people.

Image two and three are of a spice box, glorious colour with domed lid, which fits on in one position only, besides being a great piece of antique treen it has provenance too, very few pieces have history with them. This piece on the inside of the lid says Ho Powell Clarke, presumably the owner, Wycomb in the county of Buckinghamshire, May 13th 1769. So we know the owner , date and place where this place originated from.

The more information about a piece of treen the more interesting, dates are great to have on a piece and it also helps us date the many undated items around. Happy Hunting!!!

Image four and five a small19th century bowl, this is an interesting item because of its small size only 11.5cm in diameter from rim to rim and we know its original function, it was probably made for a child, to the base it has an old label stating that it was once an old porridge bowl. This bowl has obviously been treasured throughout it's life and now has a glorious colour and feel to it.


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