Take a Closer Look - Welsh Oak Box with Secret Drawer & Provenance!


This lovely Welsh box/chest is worth a closer look.


It has some many attributes firstly the colour and patina is lovely,

Secondly it has a secret drawer the two small drawers pull out by turned handles and then if you pull out the drawer divider there is a drawer behind it, was this for storing jewellery or sovereigns.......?

Thirdly lift up the lid and there is a label to the underside of the lid saying,'This chest was made by your great great grandfather Henry Williams (1804-1871) of Peel Gardens Abergele for his wife Mary. The wood of which it is made came from a tree in Peel Gardens".


Unusual to know both the maker the owner and where the oak came from,


What a gem!




It measures 20cm w x 13cm d x 11cm h

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