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Welsh Rushlight with Provenance

It's not often that you know the history of an antique rushlight so when you have some provenance it adds so much to the interest of the item.

This early 1800's Welsh Rushlight belonged to The Lewis family for several generations. They lived at Cwyrychan Farm, Pent-y-dwr, Rhayder and it was used by the family to light the farm up until the 1930's. They used locally grown rushes dipped in pig fat.

It stands on an oak base, stem and arm are square section with a rolled candle socket. The jaws are secured by a small rivet a feature of Radnorshire. The small internal diameter of the candle socket suggest it was used for home dipped candles or small moulded candles.

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This particular rushlight is illustrated in Robert Ashley's book 'The Rushlight and Related Holder', page 87.

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