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What do we mean by Antique Treen British Folk Art?

Antique Folk Art refer to pieces made by "country folk" some were made to be admired but many were utilitarian items with an extra feature like a carved heart. Turning an everyday object into something a little more special. A heart conjures up ideas of maybe a wedding present or lovingly made by a father for his daughter. These antique treen items give us an insight into daily lives in rural communities.

Image 1 shows an antique oak ditty box for odds and ends. This has a great colour and patina with wire hinges, the feature that lifts this great little box is the stamped Initials E & H and the date 1837. Dated pieces are always a really interesting feature it helps us to date other items.

Image 2 shows an antique knitting sheath from the early 19th century used widely in Britain when knitting was a necessity, these sheaths enabled someone to walk around whilst knitting, freeing up a hand. This one has chip carved decoration and a moving ball, all carved from piece of wood.

Image 3 shows an antique treen beechwood flummery mould, popular in Essex. Flummery was a popular 18th century dish, a recipe from The Experienced English Housewife by Elizabeth Raffled 1769, says it contains bitter, sweet almonds, rose water/ calfs foot stock - which is drained through a piece of muslin, loaf sugar and thick cream. It could also be used as a butter mould, turned from one piece of wood. Note the heart and flower to the base.

Image 4 shows an antique confectionery mould. A 19th century double sided mould for confectionery. Note the design includes a heart, star, fish, baby an acorn and a flower..

There are many examples of Folk art treasures to look out for in addition to the above items from the Welsh Love Spoon, antique treen nutcrackers with chip carved decoration, snuff boxes inlaid with bone, candle boxes with cut out back boards in the shape of hearts .

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