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Antique Treen Candle Stools or Dresser Stools?

Have you ever seen a small antique stool with turned legs, too small to sit on or put your feet on and wonder what it was used for? These small stools are often described as antique candle stools and measure in the region of approx 13cm w x 10cm h. As far as I can tell they were never made for commercial resell but were made from small pieces of wood perhaps left over when making a Windsor chair. To describe them as candle stools is interesting but I have never seen one with a scorch mark so more likely they were intended to sit on top of a dresser and maybe to place an ornament on top.

These small antique treen stools were made from whatever wood was available so often you will see different wood for the top of the stool to the legs. In the gallery picture it is a yew wood top and fruit wood legs. Very similar to how they made some of the windsor chairs with elm, ash, fruit wood and yew wood all being used for different parts of the chair.

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