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Antique Treen Spice Towers

Treen I have been looking at spice towers recently, they were mainly made from sycamore or boxwood and were a particularly speciality in the Sussex area.

These towers lived in the kitchen and are believed to range from two tier compartments to ten tier compartments. I currently have a six tier tower which is the tallest I have seen so would love to know if anyone has a taller one. The majority are three and four tier. No two spice towers are the same some have domed lids some flat. Originally you would have purchased your tower without any labels on it and put your own on according to what you used ,usually this means that for a four tier spice tower, four different labels but I have seen a four tier tower with four clove labels so clearly cloves were a favourite in that household. Does anyone else have any interesting labels on their towers?

The shape of the labels is a clue to dating the spice towers, straight labels indicate Regency period and scroll labels Victorian. Missing or replaced labels detracts from the overall value of the tower.

The most common spices are on the labels are nutmeg, cloves, mace, all spice, cinnamon, ginger and caraway. Pepper is rarity. Has anyone got any different spices?

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