Here is an example of a circular whitewood snuff box with painted flowers to the lid. The snuff box has a pivot lid which can be turned to open for a single pinch of snuff,  or can be fully opened to get a generous amount of snuff, hence the term 'miser' snuff box....

A similar example illustrated in 'Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies and Society' has a  diamond shaped label placed where the painted rose is on this box saying 'A gift from Tunbridge' and is dated from the late 18th century. Hence we can also assume this was made in the Tunbridge area around the early 1800's.

This example is particularly good as the flowers haven't worn away much where the lid was swung open. Perhaps the snuff wasn't offered to many people.....Still lined with the original pink paper lining.

A late 18th century early 1800s Georgian Tunbridge Ware miser's snuff box.

It measures 7cm w x 2.5cm h.

Antique Tunbridge Ware Misers Snuff Box