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An early to mid 1800s table nutmeg grater. The grater unscrews into three pieces, the top acorn section, a nutmeg grater is made from coquilla nut. The lid unscrews to reveal the grater, which in turn unscrews for storing a nutmeg in. This could be used as a pocket nutmeg grater as well.

The base is made from lignum vitae with line-etched ornamental turning. Significant advancements in the turner's lathe began during the 1780's and rapidly improved when by 1810, decorative engine turned carving was quickly applied by hand.

The lid of the base unscrews for further storage.

In the early 18th century, lignum vitæ was described as "sweating Medicine", in that it was believed to possess special health benefits. By the 19th century turners praised lignum vitæ because, while beautiful to look at, it was extremely resilient to a turner's lathe. 

This table nutmeg grater measures 16cm h x 7cm w at the base.



Antique Treen Table Nutmeg Grater

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