This is an unusual  antique treen size stick used for measuring feet for shoes. Its anice early examople dating from around the early 1800s.

It consists of a measuring stick with numbers carved into the stick there appears to be two 6's in a row, instead of a 5, maybe the carver made a mistake, for the smaller sizes it reads 1,2,3.4,6,6. There is then a large carved 1 signifying adult sizes which then progress upto size 12, again with two 6's.

The end terminates in a boxwood shoe, the upper part of the shoe moves up and down the measuring stick, the base of the shoe is fixed. When the two are brought together they form a shoe. The shoe is decorated with a rectangular line decoration for the buckle and has some carved foliage on the top.

It measures36.5cm h x 9cm w at the base x 3cm d at the base.

Similar measuring devices are illustrated in Pinto's book on Treen and other Wooden Bygones - plate 421.

Antique Treen Size Stick - For Shoes