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A lovely pair of 19th century lime wood salts. Approx 8.5cm.
Humble salt imperative for life but not regarded as special anymore was once indicative of social standing. Elaborate containers that it was once served in during ceremonial dining, the Lord of the house having a large container placed in front of him known as the master salt which could be a magnificent container in silver, silver gilt or wood, other large elaborate salts would be placed at the end of the table and then small trencher salts were put out for the use of lower ranking guests. Hence the term 'above and below the salt' referring to people's social position. By the late seventeenth century as senior members in the household dined separately and the elaborate meals with the whole household became a thing of the past, not dissimilar to modern living today. Salts were still used, silver ones were a small bowl on scrolled feet and antique treen examples tended to be hemispherical bowls on turned stems.

Antique Treen Pair of Salts

SKU: saltspair
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