This is a very unusual 19th century fruitwood multi bottle wax seal. It has four interchangeable brass seal ends for 'GIN', 'IRISH WHISKEY', 'SCOTCH WHISKEY' and 'PALE BRANDY', all of which are stored inside the fruitwood handle when not in use. We can date this seal to around 1867 because it has the owner's name 'F Thompson – The Carnarvon Castle Hotel' around the outside. The Carnarvon Castle was a new public house built for Fredrick Thompson, who leased the land from Charles Davis, and it opened in 1867 on Bridge Road, East Molesey, near Hampton Court.This was a perfect location for a new public house. Not only was it near the bridge and on route to the station, enticing many passers-by, but the station itself had three quarters of a million visitors each year who arrived to see Hampton Court nearby. Mr Fredrick Thompson is recorded as being the first license holder from 1866-1880.He had previously been a rate collector and had supplied farage to the war office and had no problem being granted the license. The succession of nineteenth century licences were for the following: 1866 - Frederick J. Thompson 1880 - Edward Atkinson 1882 - George Wells 1888 - F.E. Dunn 1891 - Richard Buckland 1891 - Annie Elizabeth Babbage 1895 - Annie Coye The public house was taken over in 1969 by different owners and revamped at a cost of £50,000; they built new bars and enlarged the restaurant to attract a fresh clientele. The name was changed to "The Ferryboat Inn".

Antique Treen Multi Bottle Wax Seals - with provenance