A rare knitting sheath with a name date and location which is most unusual. The name Mary Wilson, Low Farm, Durham is carved on the back of the sheath and on the front is the date 1819.

It is carved with diamonds, crosses and a heart.

Initial research couldn't find a Wilson living  at Low Farm Durham, it was probably a small holding. There was however a lady who was born in Sunderland in 1802, baptised in Januart 1803 and married in February 1819 to a Mathew Wilson. He was a farmer who does appear on the 1841 Durham Census.

 The antique sheath could have been made as a wedding gift with the year of the marriage as these knitting sheaths were often carved as love tokens.

It measures 18cm l x 1.7cm w.

Antique Treen Durham Knitting Sheath -dated & place name