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Two individually priced antique treen sycamore flummery mould both with the same carved flower design.

The larger one measures 16cm w x7.5cm h and the smaller one measures 14cm w x 7.5cm h.

Unusual to find two moulds with the same carvings obviously from the same set to make various sizes of dessert.

Priced at £135 for each mould. Both moulds are well turned with a good patina.


Flummery was a popular 18th century dish, a recipe from The Experienced English Housewife by Elizabeth Raffled 1769,  
sayis that it contains bitter, sweet almonds, rose water/ calfs foot stock - which is drained through a piece of muslin and then mixed with loaf sugar and thick cream.

Antique Sycamore Treen Flummery Moulds

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