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A lovely 19th century straw work Noah's Ark. This  flat bottomed wooden and straw work Noah's Ark with 39 wooden animals and people.ranging from elephants and camels to ravens and pigs, probably originated from the Erzgebirge region of Germany.


It is a pine carcas and then decorated with multi coloured straw work, the arks made from straw are considered some of the finest. This ark is in good condition there is some minor touching up of the straw work. Some of the animals are in pairs there is the odd chip off some of them as they were toys and would have been played with. Great expressions to the animals faces. The side of the Ark slides open to get the animals in and out. c1880.


It measures 34cm w x 15cm h x 10cm d.



For more information on antique Noah's Arks click the link

Antique Straw Work Noah's Ark

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