This is an oak snuff box with a silver metal cartouche on one side and on the other a verse ' Respect me for what I have been.The time was when I was young and hopeful plant of Nature. In the course of years I became tall and the birds of thew air were happy under my shadow, and returned me their sweetest notes for their protection.By the hand of man I was cut down and stript of Nature's robes; afterwards I became an arch in the cathedral of Glasgow, anf for upwards of seven hundred years have been a cover to the teachers in their sanctuary ; I also screened alike the Saint and sinner from the stormy blast; but now I am an outrest from the House of God and became a gazing stock in the hands of man and part of my remains made a snuff box'


It measures 8cm w x 1.8cm d

Antique Snuff Box - Oak- Provenance