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A 19th century Scottish quaich of small size. These drinking vessels were shallow in form and  usually have two lugs or handles. They were used for drinking whisky and brandy from and  were often used for celebrations.  Note that these wonderful Scottish drinking vessels were often used in the family context and are therefore small. you just took a sip and passed it on.

It measures 10cm incl the handles w.

This piece has a good colour and patina , the inside has a nice crusty finish from use which is very nice to see. Slight wear to one of the lugs.

The word quaich  comes from Cuach which is the Gaelic word for cup.
Scotland’s cup of friendship, invented in the Scottish Highlands, has been used throughout the centuries to offer a welcoming drink in the form of whisky at clan gatherings and family occasions as well as to greet friends and visitors.


At weddings the Quaich is seen as a symbol of the shared love between a wedding couple and in christenings it is offered as a drink to the health of the child. 


Antique Scottish Quaich - friendship cup, weddings

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