An early to mid 19th century pocket treen nutmeg grater in the shape of the wine bottle of the period. This one unscrews in the middle to reveal the grater and storage space for the nutmeg.

The cork turned in wood, at the top of the wine bottom lifts off.

 These small antique nutmeg graters were carried around in pockets and used for grating nutmeg into mulled wine or punch. Nutmeg graters were a real status symbol. Around the middle of the 19th century the price of nutmeg began to drop and became more affordable.


Antique Nutmeg Grater - in the shape of a wine bottle

    We first became involved in Antique Treen and furniture some twenty five years ago and since then a passion for Treen, small wooden snuff boxes and decorative wooden items has developed into Opus Antiques.

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    The word Treen is derived from the word tree and is a term used to describe wooden household objects, all turned from one piece of wood e.g. a bowl, plate, gingerbread mould, and spoons, always having a function.

    Nowadays when we talk about Antique Treen it tends to cover all small wooden items including antique snuff boxes, candle stands, spice towers, etc. often made from several pieces of turned wood.


    When a piece of wood has been painstakingly turned or carved, handled, polished and loved over a few hundred years old, it can develop a wonderful colour and patina and becomes an irresistible piece of Antique Treen.

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