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A late 19th century small sized croquet set in its original pine box. Unusually it is complete, it consists of eight balls, eight mallets, ten wire hoops with metal feet numbered up to ten, two coloured posts and also the table clips and edging in order to play on the top of a  billiard table. This could also be played on the carpet. Rules are the same as full sized croquet.

Table Croquet was likely the invention of the Victorians who had a craze for all sorts of parlour games. A whole number of indoor/parlour games were invented, this included miniaturised versions of the popular outdoor games at the time, including bowls and croquet.

It measures 39.5cm w x 18.5cm  d x 10cm h  C1890/1900

Antique Miniature Croquet Set - Parlour Game

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