This is a very good quality set of letters scales made by S Mordan & Co of London. Beautifully made with decorated brass pans that have flowers and leaves on the top surface. A set of five weights stamped with 8/P, 4/P, 2/P, 1/2oz and F/P is housed at the front of the base.The base has a serpentine front  and is made from walnut with compressed bun feet.

It measures 19.5cm w x 12cm d at the centre of the base.

The brass work is stamped S Mordan & Co London.

Letter before 1839 were priced according to  the weight of the letter and the distance it had to travel. This changed from January 1840 and was only based only on weight.

This set of scales can be dated from between 1840 to 1871 when weights marked with 1/P, 2/P etc were used. The F/P weight refers to foreign post, routed through France.

Antique Letter Scales - by S Mordan & Co London