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A very nice 19th century Killarney Ware book slide with Muckross Abbey ruins to the ends.  MUCKROSS ABBEY: is one of the major ecclesiastical sites in Killarney National Park. County Kerry, Ireland. It was founded in 1448 as a Franciscan Friary. It has had a violent history and has been damaged and reconstructed many times. To-day the Abbey is largely roofless.

.Lovely chequered central pannel with inlaid plants. Veneered in the main from arbutus wood.

It measures  approx 38cm l and extended it measures 58.5cm l x 12.5cm w x 13.5cm h.


This antique wooden marquetry book slide is a fine example of Killarney Ware, an Irish form of folk art practiced in Killarney and the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland during the mid to late 19th century. Killarney Ware was largely produced for the tourist trade and utilized local woods including holly, yew and arbutus, a highly prized close grained wood which yellows with age. Killarney Ware was typically decorated with historical sights which could be seen in the area along with examples of native flora.

Antique Irish Killarney Ware Book Slide

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