A complete set of thirty six Victoriam bricks of the Kings and Queens of England with historica;l information to the back of each brick. These would have been used as an educational toy.

Each wooden brick features a King or Queen on the front with the date they began to reign and on the back a few facts.

For example on the back of Richard 1st it says 

Began to reign in 1189

Age 32

Died 1199

Character - Generous

Event - Richard goes to the Holy War


On the back of  the brick for Elizabeth Ist :

Began to reign 1558

Age 25


Character- Vain

Event - Spanish Armarda destroyed

They come in the original box with a sliding lid.  On the lid it says ARRANGED IN BRICKS, The Kings and Queens of England with historical references. The lid has been repaired at some stage and the split is stable.

There is a stamp to the base saying Grant Brot   228 High St Exeter. The box measures 20cm l x 12cm w x 5.7cm h.

Antique Historical Education Bricks