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A really great Cary Gould type microscope, unsigned in its original mahogany box edged with ebony. The main compound body and pillar screw on to the lid when in use. The arm can be used separately as a hand held microscope. It  also has a couple of lens which can be used separately or combined together, on the main body.
There is a slide, small glass discs in a small box, cream and dark discs depending on object being viewed, brass forceps, there should also be stage forceps which are missing. There is a dissecting knife but lacking the live box for insects to be contained in.

Great small size, portable microscope, lacquer worn in places, but still a very interesting working instrument c1840. These small microscopes were popular to take out to the countryside and examine insects, plants etc on a day out.

Box measures 11cm w x 9.5cm

Antique Cary Gould Portable Small Microscope

SKU: carygouldmicroscope
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