Here is a really interesting 19th century mahogany apothecary chest full of items required by a doctor. It has the owners label to the bottom drawer 'Slater Chemist, Romsey'.


Once you unlock the double fronted door, with its original key you see in the centre section a row of four original medium sized glass bottles housed in sections on the top row. Moving down you have three banks of drawers with the original brass handles, full of items required by a doctor from ear cleaning devices, scales, a box with aspirins on, a tin of vaseline, pot lids, six small bottles some unopened with labels, sulphate of zinc, calomel, scammony powder and so on, a further larger glass bottle, a glass pestle and mortar. 

To the two doors are slots for 18 bottles, there are sixteen bottles, four of which have been copied from the originals, all the same shape and size, there is a measuring beaker and one vacant slot.


To the back of the cabinet is a sliding section which has four sections for poison bottles, one of these remains and is bigger than the other bottles.

A real piece of history.

Antique Apothecary/Medicine Chest