A finely carved and unusual Georgian snuff flask. This has been carved with a bug bear face and stopper for his mouth. The main body of the flask is carved all over with foliage and geometric patterns. It is dated around the circumference of the face 1819 and has the initial F.

It measures 7.3cm l x 3.5cm w. In very good condition, the stopper is tight and I havent tried to pull it out.

 Bug bear  is derived from the Middle English word "bugge" (a frightening thing), or perhaps the Old Welsh word bwg (evil spirit or goblin).

.In medieval England, the bugbear was depicted as a creepy bear that lurked in the woods to scare children. This can of decoration can be found on snuff boxes and also carved coconut that sailors did.

An Unusual & Finely Carved Snuff Flask - dated 1819